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Crosswicks at the Crossroads – Take a drive back into history on Crosswicks 250th anniversary

Quaker settlement Crosswicks endured numerous occupations. Come! Visit lands, ports, roads and farms with us.

The Crosswicks Meetinghouse bore witness to at least one skirmish during the American Revolution. As you stand here today, it’s important to remember the rich history that unfolded in this very place!

“Ours to Do?” Quakers, Wars, Ecosystem Collapse and Other Emerging Disasters: Engaging your community is critical; Preparing for a “Storm” before it comes

Having a plan may help Friends’ Meetings to use Quaker testimonies as a foundation for preparing for human, cultural, and ecological restoration following social upheaval or disaster.

A Healing Partnership: Friends Historical Library, NABS, & Indian Country Today

A Healing Partnership: Friends Historical Library, NABS, & Indian Country Today

Our relatives and relations, and seeking of Truth, Amends, Apology, Retrospective Justice on the history of Quaker Boarding Schools and Quaker colleges and institutions collaboration with the healing work of indigenous peoples through NABS

Thee 2024 New Year’s Vision? How dost “Give Thanks?”

Thee 2024 New Year’s Vision? How dost “Give Thanks?”

Thou experiences on A Quaker Christmas? Photo by Jorge Barrios – Own work, Public Domain inspiration by Molly Wingate What can we offer in addition to “Simple buildings, plain pews, unadorned windows, and silence” Friends, as we search for Light outside and within, as we turn to the cold months and expectantly encounter the diverse […]

175 years after Seneca Falls, what Equal Rights Amendment mean to the 21st Century

“Shall we behold, unheeding,Life’s holiest feelings crush’d?–When woman’s heart is bleeding,Shall woman’s voice be hush’d?” Elizabeth Margaret Chandler In 1848, nearly 300 men and women gathered in Seneca Falls, New York, to begin the United States’ first public political meeting regarding women’s rights. Seneca Falls Convention resulted in the Declaration of Sentiments, a document modeled […]

For the Love of God…and each other

By Dietrich Preston, Clerk of Salem Quarter. Written ahead of Valentine’s day. As usual, the December holidays flew by and it’s already the end of January. February is fast approaching and we will be coming up on Valentine’s Day already. Theoretically, Valentine’s day stemmed from the Roman celebration of Lupercalia, a festival occurring on February 15 […]

The Community Outreach of Greenwich Friends Meeting

The Community Outreach of Greenwich Friends Meeting

On Saturday September 24th, 2022, the Quaker Bakers of Greenwich Friends Meeting participated in the 50th Greenwich Artisans Faire at the historic Gibbons House on Ye Greate Street in Greenwich, Cumberland County. Through the sale of baked goods, tea and coffee as well as the Meeting’s signature cookbook (which combines Quaker family recipes and local lore), funds are raised annually for Greenwich Friends Community Outreach activities. The Faire draws hundreds of people to Greenwich and is a delightful opportunity to meet and greet friends and neighbors.

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