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The Wartime Quaker: The Friends Ambulance Unit (revision)

The Wartime Quaker: The Friends Ambulance Unit (revision)

During the tumultuous World Wars, Quakers emerged as a steadfast force of pacifism, striving to promote peaceful solutions amidst the chaos of conflict. Their unwavering commitment to nonviolence led to the formation of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU), a beacon of compassion in the face of war. The FAU, founded by a group of Quakers, dedicated itself to providing vital medical aid to all, transcending national boundaries and political beliefs.

Lenni-Lenape Tribal Pow-wow

Join Friends in celebrating the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation’s42nd Annual Public Pow-wow  “What is a Pow-wow? A Pow-wow is a Native American festival where nations from throughout the continent gather to a hosting nation’s land and share in celebration through singing and dancing. We take the opportunity to educate and provide entertainment for the public. […]

Historic Golden Rule will be visiting the Philadelphia area

The historic Golden Rule will be visiting the Philadelphia area May 7-13, 2023.In 1958, a crew of anti-nuclear weapons activists including Haddonfield Meeting’s George Willoughby attempted to interpose themselves and the boat between the U.S. government and its atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.The Golden Rule was boarded twice […]

For the Love of God…and each other

By Dietrich Preston, Clerk of Salem Quarter. Written ahead of Valentine’s day. As usual, the December holidays flew by and it’s already the end of January. February is fast approaching and we will be coming up on Valentine’s Day already. Theoretically, Valentine’s day stemmed from the Roman celebration of Lupercalia, a festival occurring on February 15 […]

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