Acknowledgments is a collaborative project of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) from Burlington, Haddonfield and Salem Quarters.  These three regional bodies represent 28 monthly meetings (churches) and affiliated worship groups reaching from Ocean City and Bridgeton in the south to Princeton and Trenton in the north.

We are affiliated with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (including Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland), Friends General Conference (USA), and Friends World Committee for Consultation.

The Steering Committee for includes: Chris Pensiero, Clerk, Connie Beetle, Haddonfield Quarter;  and Preston Dietrich, Clerk, Salem Quarter.

Appreciation - We would like to recognize the following donors who make this website possible:  D’Olier Foundation, Membership Development Granting Group, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, the Shoemaker Foundation, and Westfield Monthly Meeting.


We also want to extend our thanks to Mackenzie Morgan, our web designer, and to Bob Barnett, the primary author for "Our Story."
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