Shoemaker Project: Burlington Quarter Organizer is a communications and outreach project jointly sponsored by Salem,Haddonfield, and Burlington Quarters. We are seeking a Quarter Organizer to work withmonthly meetings in Burlington Quarter to raise the visibility of Friends, and contribute to alarger and stronger community of Friends in South Jersey. Quarter Organizer Responsibilities:Summary: Work with contacts in monthly meetings to […]

RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN: Valiant Together: RE Support During COVID-19

Quaker religious educators are sharing ideas on a new Facebook group called Valliant Together: Sharing Quaker Religious Education Support and Resources During COVID-19, or Valiant Together RE Support During COVID-19 for short. For example, on April 4th, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Youth Religious Life Coordinator, Melinda Wenner Bradley mentioned that Illustrated Ministries is offering free materials.  […]

Hey, we have a new website!

We want to introduce Quakers – members of the Religious Society of Friends – to our neighbors by providing information about our beliefs, Friends’ based organizations, and some history including the role Quakers have played in building our communities. “South Jersey Quakers” also offers a calendar with upcoming activities – for adults, children, and inter-generational […]

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