Looking for more guidance on what it means to be part of a Quaker faith community? We've collected some links that might suit your fancy.

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Read online

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For Parents

  • Quaker Parenting – a website for parents, educators, and others. Sections on materials and events; also a
    blog for current topics. See especially: Paths to Quaker Parenting Using
    Quaker Beliefs, Testimonies, and Practices
  • Quaker Religious Education Collaborative
  • The Tote Bag, e-newsletter for Religious Education and Family resources from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM). Subscribe by sending a request to: See sample on PYM’s Facebook page.
  • PYM Children’s Program
  • Upcoming PYM Events for children, youth, young adults, and parents plus intergenerational activities.
  • PYM Library - or call 215 241 7220
  • Youth Program Registration - Register Here for our South Jersey Youth Program
Books offline

Read offline

Perhaps you prefer the feel of a book or just want something a bit longer.

There are three Quaker libraries in the Philadelphia area:

  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting at Friends Center
  • Haverford College
  • Swarthmore College

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has more information about Quaker libraries.

There are also a number of online bookstores and Quaker publishers:

Or maybe you have another favorite online bookstore. In any case, search for "Quakers" or "Religious Society of Friends" to find related titles.

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Retreat & Conference Centers

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