Who are South Jersey Quakers?

We are a collaboration of Friends from three different parts of South Jersey that we call Quarters. Quarters are the Quaker equivalent to a Catholic Diocese or a LDS Stake. They are named as such because we meet for worship, business, and fun every three months or quarter. The Quarters that make up our organization are:

Burlington Quarter - Which is in most of Burlington and into Ocean Counties.

Haddonfield Quarter - Which is in Camden, Atlantic and part of Burlington County.

Salem Quarter - Which is in Gloucester, Salmen, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties.

Our first and foremost goal is to raise the visibility of Quakerism in Southern New Jersey, welcome new seekers, and provide resources for current members.

Some of the services we provide are: 

Pre-registration for events – We can simplify your logistics and planning.

One page website – Great for meetings without the people power to create your own website; just provide us with some basic information and photos. This can be supplemented by a Facebook account, for upcoming events, etc.

Newsletter – Send us announcements for your upcoming events and reports of recent activities, for inclusion in the SouthJerseyQuakers monthly newsletter now reaching Friends and others across Burlington, Haddonfield and Salem Quarters. Then, look for other Friends’ activities on topics of concern to you. Email your meeting news and events to:  JPonterHQM@gmail.com or contact us using the form below.

Videos - We can record your guest speakers and other special events as well as interviews about your meeting’s history, then edit and post them on your website and/or our SouthJerseyQuakers YouTube Channel.

To learn more about these services, please contact:

Haddonfield Quarter:  Joshua Ponter

Joshua Ponter is a member of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting. They have a professional background in computer science, social work, and nursing, but have done a little bit of everything. Part of their Quaker resume includes a year spent traveling around the country with grants from the Lyman Fund and PYM’s travel and witness granting group. Part of that was learning about what out-reach means to different Quaker meetings and churches. Currently they serve Haddonfield Quarter as the Quarter Coordinator and is the lead on the South Jersey Quakers or SJQ project. Outside Of the Quaker world they are a substitute school nurse and a nurse at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities.

Burlington Quarter:
Nathan Shroyer

Nathan Shroyer is a dedicated advocate for affordable housing and community engagement. With a background in planning and development, he has successfully implemented sustainable and inclusive frameworks to create affordable housing for those in need. Nathan's work spans different locations, including New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Colombia, where he spearheaded projects to provide housing for vulnerable populations. His commitment to social justice stems from his upbringing in a Quaker community, which instilled in him values of peace, equality, and compassion.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Nathan actively engages in social justice initiatives. He is involved in the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice, where he develops educational programs to raise awareness about racial inequality. He also collaborates with religious leaders through the Chester Valley Ministers' Association to promote racial justice and unity within the faith community. Nathan's dedication to addressing racism extends globally, as he participates in initiatives within the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and the India Friends Working Group Collaborative. He actively seeks opportunities for personal growth, attending workshops and calls to address the intersections of race and gender.

Through his extensive involvement in these initiatives and organizations, Nathan Shroyer demonstrates his unwavering commitment to dismantling systemic barriers, promoting inclusivity, and addressing racism in his community and beyond.

Salem Quarter: Carleton Crispin

Carleton Crispin is a lifelong Quaker from Woodbury Friends Meeting, Salem Quarter. He attended Quaker schools for the majority of his education, and has since spent a significant portion of his professional career serving the Religious Society of Friends. He currently serves Salem Quarterly Meeting as their communications coordinator, SouthJerseyQuakers.org's Digital Coordinator and Quarter Organizer, and holds a number of volunteer positions within his Monthly, Quarter, and Yearly Meeting.

Growing up on a heavily wooded farm in South Jersey, he developed a deep connection with the land’s flora and fauna. He is a human rights advocate who does his best to follow with Quaker testimony in his personal and professional life. He is passionate about nature, technology, art, craftsmanship, and how they will all intersect within the future of our world.

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