"Connecting with our Community,
Connecting with Nature, Connecting with Ourselves"

The 2023 TriQuarter Gathering at YMCA of the Pines

September 29th through October 1st


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You might be asking, "What is the TriQuarter Gathering?"

TriQuarter is an annual gathering of Friends (and friends!) from Haddonfield, Salem and Burlington Quarterly Meetings at YMCA's delightful "Camp in the Pines". It is an invaluable opportunity to convene with nature, participate in workshops led by members of our community, and develop new and lasting friendships.

You might be asking, "Why should I come?"

During the weekend, you might explore the night sky with a dedicated astronomer, join a guitar sing-a-long with some s'mores by the light of a roaring campfire, clamber onto a bumpy hayride through the woods, or paddle a canoe to the serene center of the cedar lake. You might stop by the Art Center to marvel at the beautiful works on display there, or use the space to create something of your own to take home. The kids might test their daring at the Challenge Course while their parents attend one of the workshops offered all throughout the weekend. On Sunday morning, the outdoor Meeting for Worship is always accompanied by a little symphony of birdsong that fills the spirit with joy. This annual event is truly beloved by all who participate. We hope to share in the Light with you at TriQuarter this year!

Some notes and announcements for this year's gathering

We are making some changes this year
  • We will have 3 formal presentations all happening at different times - along with the normal fun activities like canoeing, star gazing, tie-dye (feel free to bring your own shirt), morning yoga, art shows, sing alongs, bonfire, hay-rides, adventure courses, nature walks, and plenty of time to just be together.
  • We have implemented a "pay as led" fee scale and instituted work grant opportunities. See the registration page for details.
  • We will have transportation within the camp for F/friends with mobility issues.
  • We will have two opportunities for community worship. The first will be Saturday evening at the chapel on the lake. The Second will be Sunday morning at the amphitheater next to the dinning hall.
  • As of now masking will not be required for vaccinated attenders in outdoor spaces, but we request friends be respectful to others and wear masks when appropriate according to state guidelines.
YMCA Camp of the Pines provides a wheelchair friendly setting with wooden walkways and ramps throughout camp, and it offers choices for your sleeping accommodations.
For those who relish the great outdoors, it offers clusters of cabins, with one family to a cabin.  Each cabin has a wooden floor, wooden walls with screened windows (with fasten down tent flaps), a wooden roof, and eight built in bunks with plastic mats.  Nearby, there are regular indoor bathrooms with hot showers in small buildings; however, the cabins are not heated and most do not have electricity.
The YAF Cabins, which are for Young Adult Friends ages 18-40ish, are in a seperate cluster.
For those who prefer indoor sleeping quarters, the camp provides three lodges, each with heat, light, electricity, bathrooms with showers, and built in bunks with mats:
(1) Douglas Lodge, which is for adults, with separate sides.
(2) Robins Roost, which is reserved for families, with built in bunks on two sides, so Friends choose a cluster of bunks and share two large bathrooms with hot showers.
(3) Pomona Lodge, which is reserved for the Teens [13 – 17 years old], with separate sides, and supervised by experienced Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs).  All lodges have space for sleeping bags which could accommodate all campers if necessary.  Many Friends bring their own memory foam or blow up mattresses and sleep comfortably on a bunk or on the floor.  Campers need to bring sleeping bags, their own sheets, pillows and blankets.


As temperatures at the end of September range from mild to cold, all campers must be prepared to enjoy whatever the weather brings.  We especially recommend that Friends who intend to sleep in the screened-in cabins bring cold rated sleeping bags and/or warm, multiple blankets, and warm sleeping clothes, as well as their pillows.  Layers of clothing, rain gear, and extra shoes/ boots, are vital to being adaptable to the weekend temperatures.  Personal items suggested include:  Flashlights, extra batteries, pillows, sheets, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, sunblock, sunglasses, bug repellant, hat, jacket/ coat, rain/ mud boots or shoes, hat, umbrella, extra socks and shoes, other personal hygiene/ grooming items, and medicine.  Other items suggested include: Shirts to tie-dye, musical instruments, notebook, pens, art/ crafts materials, books (especially Rise Up Singing), binoculars, and mats if doing yoga (although some will be supplied for Friends.)
Friends are especially encouraged to bring their artwork of any type to display or sell in the FQA Art Show.
Camp Address:  
YMCA Camp Of the Pines
1303 Stokes Rd.
Medford, NJ  08055
[YMCA Camp of the Pines is about 7 miles South of the intersection of Rt. 70 & Rt. 54]
From Salem Quarter:  Take Rt. 295 North to Rt. 70.  Take 70 East to Rt. 541.
From Philadelphia:  Take Rt. 70 East to Rt. 541
From Princeton:  Take Rt. 295 South to Rt. 70 East
Traveling East on Rt. 70:  Look for overhead sign that says “Main Street” and turn Right onto Rt. 541 South.
Traveling West on Rt. 70:Turn left onto Rt. 541 South.
Continue South on Rt. 541 through Medford and Medford Lakes.  Keep to the Right of the fork with the McDonald’s, which becomes Stokes Rd.  Look for entrance sign to Of the Pines on the left after about 1 or 2 miles.  Call number posted for key pad code to open gate (if necessary).  Drive straight down the long dirt road until reaching the end at the Dining Hall on Right and park in the adjacent parking lot to left.  Then: Check in at the Dining Hall.
Welcome to Tri-Quarter Gathering!
ymca camp of the pines map
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