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Thee 2024 New Year’s Vision? How dost “Give Thanks?”

Thou experiences on A Quaker Christmas? Photo by Jorge Barrios – Own work, Public Domain inspiration by Molly Wingate What can we offer in addition to “Simple buildings, plain pews, unadorned windows, and silence” Friends, as we search for Light outside and within, as we turn to the cold months and expectantly encounter the diverse […]

175 years after Seneca Falls, what Equal Rights Amendment mean to the 21st Century

“Shall we behold, unheeding,Life’s holiest feelings crush’d?–When woman’s heart is bleeding,Shall woman’s voice be hush’d?” Elizabeth Margaret Chandler In 1848, nearly 300 men and women gathered in Seneca Falls, New York, to begin the United States’ first public political meeting regarding women’s rights. Seneca Falls Convention resulted in the Declaration of Sentiments, a document modeled […]

The Wartime Quaker: The Friends Ambulance Unit (revision)

The Wartime Quaker: The Friends Ambulance Unit (revision)

During the tumultuous World Wars, Quakers emerged as a steadfast force of pacifism, striving to promote peaceful solutions amidst the chaos of conflict. Their unwavering commitment to nonviolence led to the formation of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU), a beacon of compassion in the face of war. The FAU, founded by a group of Quakers, dedicated itself to providing vital medical aid to all, transcending national boundaries and political beliefs.

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