Historic Golden Rule will be visiting the Philadelphia area

The historic Golden Rule will be visiting the Philadelphia area May 7-13, 2023.In 1958, a crew of anti-nuclear weapons activists including Haddonfield Meeting’s George Willoughby attempted to interpose themselves and the boat between the U.S. government and its atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.The Golden Rule was boarded twice by the U.S. Coast Guard at Hawai’i, and the crew were arrested, tried, and jailed in Honolulu. But, far from being defeated, their example helped to ignite a storm of word-wide public outrage against nuclear weapons that resulted in the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. Since then, the Golden Rule has inspired new peace voyagers such as the Phoenix of Hiroshima, as well as Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherds.Now a project of Veterans for Peace, the Golden Rule is conducting a trip around the U.S. to focus attention on the call for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Members of the crew and supporters will be available throughout the week to speak at Friends’ meetings and schools, and other interested community groups. It will be possible to visit the boat also.To schedule a speaker: Please contact Linda Lotz (HaddonfieldQuarterly@yahoo.com)
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