The 300th birthday of John Woolman!

The John Woolman Memorial of Mt. Holly, NJ, is pleased to announce

the 300th birthday of John Woolman is on October 19, 2020

Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, the John Woolman Memorial had to cancel its celebration and essay contest. However, people may still wish to consider the following topics related to the impact of Woolman’s life and work today:

  • How did he impact the community around him and how is his work still important today?
  • What was his legacy?
  • What does his life mean in 2020?
  • What were his contributions to human betterment?
  • What is the span of his outreach and spirituality?
  • What was his relationship with Native Americans and/or enslaved people?

The John Woolman House is currently closed due to COVID 19. For additional information:

99 Branch St, Mt Holly, NJ 08060  •  (609) 267-3226  •

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