RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN: Valiant Together: RE Support During COVID-19

Quaker religious educators are sharing ideas on a new Facebook group called Valiant Together: Sharing Quaker Religious Education Support and Resources During COVID-19, or Valiant Together RE Support During COVID-19 for short.

For example, on April 4th, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Youth Religious Life Coordinator,

Melinda Wenner Bradley mentioned that Illustrated Ministries is offering free materials.  On March 20 she also posted a guided “lesson plan” adapted for families who want to create space for worship at home, and to remember, hope, and be present to where we are now.  She includes a YouTube link to a book just in case it is not already part of a family’s home collection.  

Valiant Together has also included information such as the following:

  • Games for children to play together on Zoom.
  • “Sparking Still” addresses guidance for exploring hard issues, such as illness, fearfulness, death and dying; basic elements of teacher training; and extensive lists of children’s books that may also be available on YouTube.   (Available in paperback and PDF)   

Parents and others may also be interested to know that Philadelphia Yearly Meeting offers a newsletter, “The Tote Bag” focusing on religious education and family resources.   To subscribe, send your email address to

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