Our Monthly Meetings are encountering challenges in attracting the engagement of children and young families, particularly considering that many First Day schools were grappling with difficulties even prior to the pandemic.

Faith & Play (TM) Storytelling presents itself as a promising avenue to extend a warm invitation to children and families within and without our Meetings. We present a proposition that offers a reservoir of resources and a heightened degree of adaptability, surpassing the individual capacity of any single Meeting. Faith & Play (TM) Storytelling constitutes a mode of pastoral worship that bridges across generations, involving both children and adults through the art of storytelling, the inclusion of props, and the fostering of inter-generational interaction. The committee underscores the significance of recognizing that the enrichment experienced by adults through these narratives remains undiminished even in instances when children are yet to attend a Meeting or are absent on a given day.

We cordially invite you to join us at the upcoming Quarterly Meeting to participate in a sample program and to acquaint yourself with the ways in which your Meeting can actively engage in this invigorating experiment spanning the entire quarter.

Adults and Children of all faith backgrounds are welcome!

faith and play quarterly meeting

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