Burlington Quarterly Meeting

First friends meeting House in Burlington New Jersey - Scanned 1887 Engraving
Burlington Quarter consists of seven Monthly Meetings and a Worship Group. The Meetings are listed below. Quarterly Meetings happen on the third First Day of the Third, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth months of the year.

Burlington Quarter Bulletin Board

September 15, 2024 – Princeton Friends Meeting December 15, 2024 – Mt.Holly Friends Meeting March 16, 2025 – Rancocas Friends Meeting June 15, 2024 – Little Egg Harbor Friends Meeting


The roots of Burlington Quarter stretch back to 1677. Quakers fleeing religious persecution in England arrived on the ship Kent, establishing Burlington as one of the first Quaker settlements in the colonies. They immediately set about creating a place of worship, with records indicating the formation of a Monthly Meeting in 1678. This gathering, the foundation of Burlington Quarter, met for worship and to conduct community business.

By 1 683, the growing Quaker community in Burlington constructed their first Meeting House. This simple structure, still standing today and maintained by the Burlington Meeting House and Center for Conference [Burlington Meeting House & Center for Conference], served as a cornerstone for the faith in the region.

The early years of Burlington Quarter were marked by growth. By 1686, the Burlington Quarterly Meeting was established, overseeing several Monthly Meetings within its bounds. Unfortunately, the exact dates of establishment for some of these subordinate meetings remain unclear due to gaps in the archival record. However, some notable examples stand out:

The early 19th century brought a period of internal conflict within the Society of Friends. The Hicksite Separation of 1827 resulted in a split between the Orthodox and Hicksite branches. Burlington Quarter was not immune to this division, with some Monthly Meetings aligning with the Hicksite faction. The Burlington First-Day School Union, established in 1888, stands as a testament to the presence of Hicksite Quakers in the region [Archives & Manuscripts, Tri-County Libraries].

Today, the Burlington Quarter continues to be a vibrant center of Quaker life in New Jersey. The historic Burlington Meeting House remains a focal point, hosting worship services and events. Other Monthly Meetings within the Quarter may have consolidated or seen their numbers dwindle, but the core principles of peace, equality, and simplicity continue to guide the Quaker community.

Meeting List

  • Barnegat Monthly Meeting
  • Little Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting
  • Burlington Worship Group
  • Rancocas Monthly Meeting
  • Princeton Monthly Meeting
  • Mt. Holly Monthly Meeting
  • Crosswicks Monthly Meeting
  • Trenton Monthly Meeting
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