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Crosswicks at the Crossroads – Take a drive back into history on Crosswicks 250th anniversary

Quaker settlement Crosswicks endured numerous occupations. Come! Visit lands, ports, roads and farms with us.

The Crosswicks Meetinghouse bore witness to at least one skirmish during the American Revolution. As you stand here today, it’s important to remember the rich history that unfolded in this very place!

Are Fifth Monarchists, Diggers, Ranters and Muggletonians punk rock or pop?

Are Fifth Monarchists, Diggers, Ranters and Muggletonians punk rock or pop?

King Charles harbored a strong dislike of Puritanism. He organized their opponents. He sought absolution. He had had a sinful sexual history for which he may perhaps have been looking to be forgiven.  In pursuit of his plethora of personal wants, he mixed international intrigue with his own interests.  Thus, strangely, was born a Quaker colony. The king needed us!

Thee 2024 New Year’s Vision? How dost “Give Thanks?”

Thee 2024 New Year’s Vision? How dost “Give Thanks?”

Thou experiences on A Quaker Christmas? Photo by Jorge Barrios – Own work, Public Domain inspiration by Molly Wingate What can we offer in addition to “Simple buildings, plain pews, unadorned windows, and silence” Friends, as we search for Light outside and within, as we turn to the cold months and expectantly encounter the diverse […]

FCNL Brave & Constant: Building the World We Seek

Join Quakers and friends this November for worship, learning, fellowship, and action. Our gathering will be based in Washington, D.C., and span the country. We hope you can be part of coming together with joy amidst the challenges we face, individually and collectively. This fall, attendees at the Quaker Public Policy Institute (Nov. 16-20) will lobby Congress […]

Penn Paddle: Isaac Watson House

Saturday, September 26, 2020 – 8:45 AM EDT – 2:30 PM EDT Hosted by Burlington Quaker Meeting House and Center for Conference Paddle 4 miles up Crosswicks Creek with the incoming tide from Bordentown to the John A. Roebling Memorial Park to visit the Isaac Watson House. Built on a bluff overlooking Watson’s Creek, it was […]

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