Seeking Right Relationships with Native Americans

FCNL urges Friends to   contact members of   Congress about creating a   Truth & Healing Commission   on Indian Boarding School   Policies.  In 2016, Paula   Palmer published an article   in Friends Journal exposing practices at Quaker-run boarding schools with the express purpose was the destruction of Native culture and language.  Sadly, child abuse and death occurred at some schools.  FCNL writes, “Through this legislation, the United States would follow Canada’s footsteps in establishing a commission to formally investigate the effects of these policies and develop recommendations for addressing the harm caused. It’s an important first step toward reconciliation.”  See Paula’s article in Friends Journal Here: or view her recent video, “Seeking Right Relationship with Native Americans” on QuakerSpeak. 

To send an email to your representatives, use the FCNL template Here:

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