Seaville Friends Meeting


3088 Shore Rd, Ocean View, NJ 08230

At Seaville Monthly Meeting we nurture and support our faith through direct and purposeful experience with the Spirit. Our faith community offers a number of ways to engage the Spirit, from worship to community service.

The silent worship enhances the daily practice of prayer, meditation and study. By preparing the heart and mind for worship, Friends are ready to wait and listen for the presence of God and the Divine.

Worship is a time to turn away from worldly matters and open oneself to the Spirit. The outcome is a rich and deep connection through the Spirit to those at worship and to the world outside the door.


We sit in silence. Someone may rise and speak a thought, read a short passage or sing a song. After the person speaks, all are silent in reflection for several minutes, before another rises. During some meetings for worship no one speaks and that is OK too.

At the end of Worship, a hand shake of peace and fellowship is offered to all near you. The clerk asks it anyone has thoughts that were not raised in meeting and you might like to speak now. Everyone introduces themselves. Announcements are read.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 10:00AM to 11:00AM Meeting for worship.

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