Register here for our Vocal Ministry FDS

Worship & Ministry is offering a Zoom First Day School for mid-March.  We will be discussing a Pendle Hill pamphlet #460, “On Vocal Ministry: Nurturing the Community through Listening and Faithfulness.” Barry Crossino and J. Brent Bill describe in fresh language some of the traditional ways to tell if you’re being used by the Spirit to minister to the Meeting.

The authors include a clear list of queries to ask yourself before standing up.  What is new and not at all traditional are the examples that contrast prophetic ministry with partisan political speech, and a section on how to address racist and homophobic messages delivered during Worship.

If you want to join us, we will provide you with the pamphlet and send you the Zoom link. Contact Judy Owens at to ask questions, to let us know when you can be available, and to be part of the group!

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